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Bell Fever - 3-Reel, 8 Line Slot

Main Game Screen

Game Details

The object of our 3-Reel 8-Line Slots is to obtain a winning combination by spinning the reels. You may bet on anywhere from one to eight available pay lines on the reels. The “COIN VALUE” may be changed from as low as $0.01 to a maximum of $1.00. You can bet from 1 to a max bet of 40 coins (5 per pay line). Wins are recorded from the left side of the machine to the right with the exception of the bonuses: “Wild 4”, where 4 of the same symbol on each corner pays 25X your bet; “All Fruits Bonus”, where 9 fruit symbols pays 16X your bet; and “Bell Fever”, where 4 bells in a diamond shape awards you 9 free spins. Winning totals vary depending on the symbols you have lined up. Within the game, click on the “PAY TABLE” button to see the winning combinations.

How To Play

First, select the “COIN VALUE” that you wish to wager on each spin: $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50 or $1.00. Next choose the number of coins that you wish to wager on your spin. Click on the “BET ONE” button until you have reached the desired amount or click on the “BET EIGHT” to bet on all 8 pay lines or click “BET MAX” to wager the maximum number of coins and the reels will begin to spin automatically.

For example, if your coin value is $1.00 and you click on “BET ONE” three times, this means you are betting $1.00 on three pay lines and your “WAGER” will show as $3.00. If you click on “BET EIGHT” three times, this means you are betting $1.00 three times on 8 pay lines and your “WAGER” will show as $24.00. If you click on “BET MAX”, this means you are betting $1.00 five times on 8 pay lines and your “WAGER” will show as $40.00.

All winnings will be credited immediately and the game will highlight all winning lines.

Game Buttons

PAY TABLE: Displays all winning spins
COIN VALUE: Increase or Decrease the coin value of your wager
BET ONE: Bet one of the selected coin value on the pay line
BET EIGHT: Bet on all 8 pay lines; click again to increase the 
number of coins bet per line
BET MAX: Bets 5 coins on all 8 pay lines
SPIN: Spins the reels