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Main Game Screen

Game Details

Keno is one of the oldest games still played in modern casinos. It is also a game that has undergone the least change over the years. The basic idea of Keno is to select 1 - 10 numbers from a pool of 80. Once you start the game, 20 numbers will be randomly selected as the winning numbers. Your prize will be based on how many matching numbers you have selected.

How to Play

To play, select 1-10 of your favorite numbers on the Keno screen, using the left mouse button. Upon selecting your numbers you will notice your selections become highlighted orange. If you wish to deselect a highlighted number, just left click on the number a second time. You can also have the computer randomly select 10 numbers for you by clicking the button marked “QUICK PICK”.

Next you must decide your “COIN VALUE” from $0.05 up to $5.00. You do this by clicking the left mouse button over either “+” or “-” if you want to increase or decrease each coin’s value.

Finally, select how many coins you wish to wager in the next game, from a minimum of 1 coin to a maximum of 5 coins. You can increase the amount of coins up to a maximum of 5 by clicking the “BET ONE” button. To decrease the amount of coins click on the “BET ONE” button until the amount cycles down to the appropriate amount. To clear your selection, click on “CLEAR”.

Once you have chosen your ten numbers and selected the coin value and amount of coins, you are ready to start the game. To start, click with the left mouse button on “PLAY”. Once the game begins, 20 numbered balls will be randomly selected from a pool of balls ranging in number from 1 – 80. You will notice that any numbers you match are instantly highlighted yellow on the Keno screen and the balls will change color to yellow. Your prize will be based on the amount of numbers that you have matched.

Pay Table

You will notice that the pay table will change based on the amount of numbers that you select. The pay table will also change based on the amount of coins that are wagered in the game. Take note as you place your wager, how the pay table is affected.

Progressive Jackpot

To be eligible to win the progressive jackpot you must have a $1.00 coin value with 5 coins bet on the game. If you meet these requirements and match 10 numbers you win the corresponding progressive jackpot.

Game Buttons

CLEAR: Deselects all numbers selected; you can also deselect numbers individually by clicking on them
COIN VALUE + - : Allows you to increase or decrease the coin value of your wager
QUICK PICKS: Selects ten numbers at random for you; press again to change numbers
BET ONE: Click multiple times to increase the coin value for your wager
BET MAX: Increases your wager value to 5 X
PLAY: Releases the randomly selected balls