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Red Dog

Main Game Screen

How to Play

A variation on popular games Acey-Deucey and In-Between, the premise of Red Dog is simple. The dealer first places two cards from a deck of 52 face-up on the table. The player must guess whether the value of a randomly selected third card will fall between the values of these two cards. The narrower the spread between the cards, the more the hand pays!

Card Values

The value of any card from 2 to 10 counts at face value, a jack counts as 11, a queen as 12, a king as 13, and an ace counts as 14.


To begin a game, first decide on the table’s limits. These can be found in the drop-down menu beside the Table Games menu. Choose your limit size.

Before the first cards are dealt, you must place an initial wager by choosing and clicking on the desired amount. Once you've placed the amount, press the "Deal" button to see the first two cards. A marker will be placed on the table to indicate the spread between the two cards, and the corresponding possible payout of the hand. If a non-consecutive hand has been dealt, you will have the option to "Raise" and double your wager, or just "Stand" and see a third card dealt with no bet increase.

Pair Hand

When the dealer draws two cards of the same value, it is known as a “Pair Hand.” When this happens, the dealer will automatically draw a third card. If the third card is the same as the first two, the payout is eleven times your wager. If the third card does not match, the hand is a tie and your original wager is returned.

Consecutive Hand

If the value of the two cards drawn by the dealer are consecutive (for example: a 10 and a Jack) this is called a "Consecutive Hand". In this case, the dealer will not draw a third card, the hand is declared a tie and your original wager is returned.


Payouts in Red Dog are based on the probability of the third card falling between the initial two.

One Card 5:1
Two Cards 4:1
Three Cards 2:1
Four or More Cards 1:1 (even)
Consecutive Tie (wager returned)
Pairs Tie (wager returned)
Three of a Kind 11:1