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Texas Bonus Poker

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Get in the game that’s taking the world by storm!

Texas Bonus Poker is the poker game where you play “heads-up” against the dealer. Place wagers before each turn of the cards, and play with a Bonus Wagers for more chances to win!

How to Play

Before you begin a game, you must first decide on the table’s limits. These can be found in the drop-down menu beside the Table Games menu. You can decide to play for as little as $0.05 and as much as $200.00.


Place your initial bet in the ANTE circle. To place a bet, left-click the desired amount then click on the circle marked with "ANTE." Continuing to click the betting area will increase your bet by the chip amount. To clear all bets, click the CLEAR button. At this time, you may also place a Bonus Wager side bet. (Please see below for instructions on Bonus Wagering.)

The window before your betting area will show the total amount you have wagered (ANTE + Bonus Wager).

Once you have placed your wager(s), click the DEAL button. The dealer and you will be dealt two cards each.


You may now choose to either fold your hand or bet on it. To fold, click the FOLD button. By folding, you forfeit your ANTE bet.

If you choose to bet, you must wager twice the amount of your ANTE. Click on the circle marked with "FLOP" or click on the PLAY button. A bet equal to twice your ANTE BET will be automatically placed, and you will see three cards (the FLOP) place on the table.


You may now either BET, and place another wager (equal to your ANTE BET), or CHECK without placing another wager. If you choose the CHECK, the next card will be dealt.

To place another bet, select BET or place chips on the circle marked TURN. A fourth card will automatically be dealt.


Again, you may either place another wager equal to your ANTE BET, or CHECK without placing another wager.

Placing TURN and RIVER bets increase your possible win, and should be chosen strategically to either limits your loss or maximize your win.


After all five cards have been laid on the table, the dealer’s hand will be revealed. At this point, the winning cards will be highlighted. The box in the bottom right will show who won and with what hand.

Click NEW GAME to play again.
To place the same initial wager (including Bonus Wager), select LAST BET, then click DEAL. Or, place a new bet.

Bonus Wagering

Bonus Wager winnings are based on the Pay Table found in the top-left corner of the table. If any of the winning combinations listed appear, you automatically get the corresponding pay rate. Even if you lose your hand, you win the bonus!

You may only place a Bonus Wager BEFORE any cards are dealt. To place a Bonus Wager, left-click the desired chip and amount, then click the flashing BONUS circle on the table. Please note: You cannot play with only a Bonus Wager, you must also place a bet in the ANTE circle.

You might win a hand without winning the Bonus Wager. If so, you will see chips awarded to you, but the chips placed on the Bonus Wager will go to the dealer.


To place a bet, left-click to select a chip value and then left-click in the “ANTE” circle on the table. To add multiples of the same chip value, left-click until you have reached the desired amount. You can remove chips from the table by right-clicking on them or selecting “CLEAR”, which will remove all bets. Please note: your ante wager determines your FLOP, TURN and RIVER bets.


Texas Hold ‘Em Hands

Royal FlushTen, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of the same suit.
Straight FlushFive cards in sequence, and of the same suit.
Four-of-a-KindFour cards of equal value.
Full HouseThree cards of equal value and two cards of equal value.
FlushAny five cards of the same suit.
StraightFive cards in sequence, with mixed suits.
Three-of-a-KindThree cards of equal value.
Two PairTwo sets of two cards of equal value.
One PairTwo cards of equal value.
Highest CardCard with the highest value (Ace is highest, Two is lowest.)

DEAL: Instructs the dealer to deal the cards
PLAY: Places a FLOP bet equal to twice your ante
FOLD: Instructs the dealer you wish to end the round, forfeiting your ante
BET: Places a TURN or RIVER bet equal to your ante
CHECK:Instructs the dealer to deal the next card without a bet
CLEAR:Clears the table of bets
LAST BET:Places the same bets as in your previous game
NEW GAME:Starts a new game