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Casino War

Main Game Screen

Game Details

Casino War is based on the popular card game War, and is generally considered to be one of the easiest card games to master in the casino. Our version of Casino War utilizes six decks. The cards are ranked just like they are in poker (lowest to highest), and Aces are always high.

How to Play

Place your desired wager on the "Ante" area. Once this is done, you can select either the "Deal" or the "Clear" button. If you select the “Deal” button, one card will be dealt to both you and the dealer, face up.

If your card is higher than the dealer’s card, you win even money. If the dealer’s card is higher than yours, you lose.

If your card is of equal value as that of the dealer’s – regardless of suit – you will have two options presented to you:

  1. You can choose to surrender and forfeit half of your bet.
  2. You can go to war.

Going to War

If you choose to go to war, you must double your initial wager. The dealer will match this bet increase. After these bets have been placed, the dealer will first burn three cards, and then both you and the dealer will each be dealt a second card. If your card is equal to or greater than the dealer’s card, then you will win even money on your second bet; the original wager will be a “push”. If the dealer’s second card beats your second card, the dealer wins both wagers.

A bonus tie bet is also available with a 10:1 payoff. In order to win this bet, the first and second cards must both tie, and the bonus wager must be placed before any cards have been dealt.

Selecting Your Wager

Left click to select a chip value, and then left click in the Ante circle on the table. To add multiples of the same chip value: left click until you have reached the desired amount. To reduce wager amount or remove your wager from the table: right click on the chips already placed on the table.

Game Buttons

DEAL: When you have placed your bets, click to deal the cards.
CLEAR: Clears the table of bets.
WAR: Available only on an initial tie, this button will cause a war between you and dealer.
SURRENDER: Available only on an initial tie, this button will cause you to surrender the hand – ending the game.
LAST BET: Places the same bets as in your previous game.
NEW GAME: Starts a new game.